Recycling Blog

August 7,2012
Hello! Thank you for supporting my website. You have been a big part of today's blog!

I entered this website at the Ohio Stae Fair, and it got first place! If you went to the fair, you whould have seen it in the youth building. Here is a picture of this website on display...

My website in the case at the fair

July 29,2012
Today I found out something interesting about a bird... The bowerbird! Most male birds build nests and breed, not this bird. It makes an archway called a bower to attract females.

Now that is not the only interesting thing about it. It RECYCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bowerbird decorates the entrance to the bower with recycled meterials like coins, bits of plactic, tinfoil, and feathers. The more colorful or shiny the better since the females like the prettiest decorations.

They have to guard the great pieces of trash or another male might take it.

bowerbird's nest

July 25, 2012
Hi, today I went to Cox Arboretum with Girl Scouts, and we did a tour of thier butterfly house. There was a giant monarch butterfly there.

monarch butterfly

A monarch butterfly goes all the way to Mexico in the winter, no matter where it is. It will even go there from Canada.

You can help the monarch butterfly eat along its trip to Mexico with a "monarch Watch Station." Click here for more information.

July 21, 2012
Hi, I want everyone to know that this website is about going green, not just recycling.

You can go green by telling a farmer or someone you know who cuts down trees to only cut a small percentage of the tree's at a time if they have to cut them. Also tell them to plant two trees for every one they cut down.

When you take a shower, take a shorter one if you already do not. Also when you are almost done taking a shower, you can start making it a little cooler (just a little at a time), then when you get out you will have gone green, stayed warm, and saved your heater bill.

To use less gas, when you go to school, walk or ride your bake if you can. Your parents will save money on gas, you will be going green, you will have better health, and will you get exercise.

July 20, 2012
Today I made a room out of recycled materials for my stuffed animal cheetah called "Chee-Chee". Chee Chee is very special to me. I got him from our family trip to The Wilds, an animal conservation center near Columbus, Ohio.

Her room is made from a cardboard box. Her lamp, bed, and clock are made from recycled paper. Her chair, nightstand and rug are made from packaging materials, decorated with stickers. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more recycling.