About Girl Scouts

Girl scouts is an amazing thing!!!!! In Girl Scouts, you learn be a leader, to be yourself, to have fun, to sell cookies (lol), and to try new things. Being green and recycling is important to know in Girl Scouts. Girl scouts is exciting and is great to have fun with my friends.

Girl Scout was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912. This year is the 100th year of Girl Scouts or "The Year of the Girl".

As a Junior (grades 4-5), I did a Journey. There are three of them

  1. Agent of Change
  2. Get Moving
  3. Amuse

I have done Amuse. It is about Acting and your different roles. Some of my roles are batonist, Girl Scout, Musician, Composer, Dancer, and Singer.

Did you know that Girl Scouts has a Forever Green website? To Take the Girl Scout Forever Green Pledge, click here.

Still want to pledge, Disney's Friends for Change